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Dec 9, 2012 8:00am PST
for. it is the first day they could marry after the state's new voter-approved law allowing gay marriage took effect this week. hundreds of same-sex couples picked up their marriage licenses as early as thursday. and after the state's three-day waiting period, the earliest weddings took place was just after midnight. >> still ahead on kron four news weekend. tensions are rising in egypt once again as an opposition group calls for protests against the government. we'll have an update. >> and a tentative agreement has been reached with striking employees at the port of oakland. we'll have details on the new contract. forces in the country worked with the afghan military in the rescue operation. it 's not clear whether the doctor was harmed by his captors. but we do know that the doctor will be able to rejoin his family for the holidays. pakistani intelligence officials say a u-s drone strike killed a senior al- qaida leader. they say the al qaida commander died when missiles hit a house near the afghan border. his wife was killed, his daughter was wounded in the attack. official
Dec 8, 2012 7:00am PST
question of the constitution and the protection of same-sex marriage? or is it not? >> uc hastings law professor, rory little saying that the defense of marriage act and reviewing the proposition 8 it will have national implications. these see this as an historic moment. that will allow them to decide every possible solution in the next. >> many believe that kennedy could provide the deciding vote but chief justin, roberts could also be pivotal in the decision. >> chief justices tend to look towards history. kennedy was the vote to affirm the national health care and uphold the mandate. he will go don't go down as roberts, not -- kennedy as the deciding vote. the cultural ties seems to have clearly have turned the cultural tide. they are not immune to looking at that. >> id is unlikely that they will take these cases back to back. of the marriage act and the proposition heat case back to back dan kerman, kron 4. because. if the supreme court had denied the case. the ban on same sex marriage would have been lifted. andy pugno from 'protect marriage dot com' spoke with kron four about th
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2